Little Black Drink

Here at LBD, we are all about the coffee. We will follow the smell of freshly roasted beans down any dark alley, into any fancy restaurant, gas station, or hole-in-the-wall, and sip with pleasure on a stool, standing at a bar, or enveloped by a plush armchair. 

If you, too, are all about the coffee, follow us. We are urban foragers in Chiang Mai, Singapore and Phnom Penh, sniffing out the best cafes and roasters with the acuity of a pointer on the hunt. Then pull on your boots with us in coffee country in rural Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. If you are bold enough, we might let you come with us on tour

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Introduction to Cupping

"Cupping" is what the coffee industry calls a standardised method of brewing and tasting coffee. Learn about the history of sampling coffee, the correct cupping technique, and some basics of coffee tasting in this unique class. An excellent foundation for anyone who has ever been intimidated by a public coffee cupping event, or who wants to build some basic skills for a future coffee tasting class.

Earlier Event: October 18
Comparative Coffee Tasting 101
Later Event: May 2
Brunch Pop-up!